Source code for torchdrug.datasets.qm9

import os
from collections import defaultdict

from tqdm import tqdm
from rdkit import Chem, RDLogger

import torch

from torchdrug import data, utils
from import feature
from torchdrug.core import Registry as R

[docs]@R.register("datasets.QM9") @utils.copy_args(data.MoleculeDataset.load_csv, ignore=("smiles_field", "target_fields")) class QM9(data.MoleculeDataset): """ Geometric, energetic, electronic and thermodynamic properties of DFT-modeled small molecules. Statistics: - #Molecule: 133,885 - #Regression task: 12 Parameters: path (str): path to store the dataset node_position (bool, optional): load node position or not. This will add `node_position` as a node attribute to each sample. verbose (int, optional): output verbose level **kwargs """ url = "" md5 = "560f62d8e6c992ca0cf8ed8d013f9131" target_fields = ["mu", "alpha", "homo", "lumo", "gap", "r2", "zpve", "u0", "u298", "h298", "g298"] def __init__(self, path, node_position=False, verbose=1, **kwargs): path = os.path.expanduser(path) if not os.path.exists(path): os.makedirs(path) self.path = path zip_file =, path, md5=self.md5) sdf_file = utils.extract(zip_file, "gdb9.sdf") csv_file = utils.extract(zip_file, "gdb9.sdf.csv") self.load_csv(csv_file, smiles_field=None, target_fields=self.target_fields, verbose=verbose) with utils.no_rdkit_log(): molecules = Chem.SDMolSupplier(sdf_file, True, True, False) targets = self.targets = [] self.targets = defaultdict(list) assert len(molecules) == len(targets[self.target_fields[0]]) indexes = range(len(molecules)) if verbose: indexes = tqdm(indexes, "Constructing molecules from SDF") for i in indexes: with utils.capture_rdkit_log() as log: mol = molecules[i] if mol is None: continue if log.content: print(log.content) d = data.Molecule.from_molecule(mol, **kwargs) if node_position: with d.node(): d.node_position = torch.tensor([feature.atom_position(atom) for atom in mol.GetAtoms()]) for k in targets: self.targets[k].append(targets[k][i])