Source code for torchdrug.datasets.citeseer

import os

from torchdrug import data, utils
from torchdrug.core import Registry as R

[docs]@R.register("datasets.CiteSeer") class CiteSeer(data.NodeClassificationDataset): """ A citation network of scientific publications with binary word features. Statistics: - #Node: 3,327 - #Edge: 8,059 - #Class: 6 Parameters: path (str): path to store the dataset verbose (int, optional): output verbose level """ url = "" md5 = "c8ded8ed395b31899576bfd1e91e4d6e" def __init__(self, path, verbose=1): path = os.path.expanduser(path) if not os.path.exists(path): os.makedirs(path) self.path = path zip_file =, path, md5=self.md5) node_file = utils.extract(zip_file, "citeseer/citeseer.content") edge_file = utils.extract(zip_file, "citeseer/citeseer.cites") self.load_tsv(node_file, edge_file, verbose=verbose)